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Our son Josh, Cindy, Nathan, Becki, Daniel Ace and I'm holding Elia. Taken at Christmas, 2016, the first time we had all been together in four years, and the last time too.

We are missionaries of Evangelical Friends Church - Eastern Region, and on loan to One Mission Society since 1975. Currently I'm the pastor of RiverGrace International Hong  Kong Evangelical Church, which my wife and I, as well as a Leadership Team from our mother church, Yan Yue Church, started in 2011. On October 1, 2017, RiverGrace International HKEC became independent and we moved our services and activities to United Christian College. RiverGrace is the only International Church of the HKEC and its  the 21st church in the conference.

RiverGrace's 1st annversary service of being an indpendent church. (7 years since it began as an English fellowship.

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