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Yeshua's Ministry Inc, incorporated in 1986, is a nonprofit organization recognized by the federal government. Yeshua's Ministry is operated by Mike and Dee Hodapp and orchestrated by Jesus Christ (Yeshua). The profits from the sales of the Online Bible Macintosh and other GREAT SOFTWARE and CHRISTIAN PRODUCTS help support Yeshua's Ministry Inc. You still have no idea where your money has gone or the purpose of Yeshua's Ministry Inc.? Let's start with the meaning of the word Yeshua. Yeshua is a Hebrew word which means "my salvation," or "I am saved". It is the name that Jesus used while on the earth. Jesus is the Arabic translation.

Yeshua's Ministry's main purpose is to glorify the Lord Jesus in all ways. Showing the true meaning of Christianity first by example and second by word.

Yeshua's Home for special children is our first example. These very special children have many complex medical problems from birth or abuse. Over the years we have cared for over 30 children with drug addictions, medical problems, rare genetic diseases, forms of muscular dystrophy, and victims of physical and sexual abuse. Six of these children have gone on to be with our heavenly father, some have been successfully returned home, and others have been adopted by us. We have a wonderfully unique family that truly loves the Lord. Many healings have taken place over the years. Children live and thrive who were to die. Children walk and talk who should never sit. Seizure disorders are healed. What a blessing it has been for us to witness such miracles of our heavenly father. We also work with terminal children and their families. The children in Yeshua's Home are what society calls unadoptable; no one wanted them. The Bible says in Matthew 19:14 Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Yeshua's children are God's gift and are a blessing to us. These children love the Lord with all their hearts and daily glorify the name of Jesus. What a beautiful lesson to all of us!

Our second example is to help parents of handicapped children cope with the pressures and needs confronting them. We have some medical equipment to lend at no charge, also resources to help with other needs.

Serving the needy and homeless is another example of Christianity. Yeshua's Ministry aids with food and clothing in Aurora and in Denver.

Yeshua's Ministry is a non denominational organization that does not discriminate against any other race, sex or religious affiliation.

All needs are met in the name of Jesus. The funds for the sales of the Online Bible and and other Christian Products help support and operate this home. This makes it possible for us to buy the equipment, toys, school supplies, books, and all that is necessary for the operating this home. We are led by the Lord not to spend our time asking for donations, but instead to operate a business to support this home.

In 1993 Yeshua's Ministry received permission to produce, package, and distribute commercially the Online Bible. Yeshua's Ministry has become a member of the Christian Booksellers Association, both in the US and Canada, in 1993. In 1996 we became distributors for Hebrew World , the Hebrew language teacher, and Sage Digital Library. And in 1997 we began developing our own art and graphic CD. It is our desire to make these and other wonderful products available to Christians and Christian bookstores for retail sales. All products are attractive packaged, complete with instructions, technical support, and update information for the purchasers.

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