To Shirley (Oremland) Smith's website

I am so happy you came to vist me on my journey. I would like to share a little about me.

I am now 75years old and have lived a full life. What I can tell you about me is only a drop in the bucket compared to what I have lived. I was born in Roseboro North Carolina, a share croppers daughter, I was married at age fifteem and blesssed with two beautiful children. This marriage lasted seven years. We were divorced and I dedicated my life to my children until they were in school. Loneliness set so I remarried again. This marriage lasted 37 years then ended with a divorce. Ten years later I met a very nice man and we are recentlhy married. At this time I am very happy . I have worn many hats. I Was was a farmer, poultry farmer,worked in a stuffed animal factory, tecnical assmbler, Avon Lady,founded and taught at The Depression Workshop lecturer, writer, poet, artist and art instructor. I have always been interested in poetry but didn't know where to start. I atteneded creative writing classes on poetry that helped considerably.. I now write for several sites and have sold many poems. God has blessed me. Thank you Lori for adding another dimension to my poety with the videos and music. I hope you enjoy your visits here. Please come back soon and often.


From Loretta & Lorisworld:
Everything I create in videos for myself and others is created under the FAIR USE ACT, PUBLIC DOMAIN, or CREATIVE COMMONS LICENSE of others who let many use their music or graphics freely as long as we do not sell for profit their works. As I get everything set up I will place their links on my links page so you can also benefit from what they give freely to use. Otherwise the rest is mine and created with power point, and other programs. Again Welcome to this site . Have a nice visit.

Music is Julia Fischer_BRAHMS Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 77_ I. Allegro non troppo