In Memory Of Michael Sean Hodapp 

Michael Sean Hodapp

Baby Sean, daddies boy, camp trasher, cuddler, pocket filler (don't ask, yuck) joy giver, smile bringer, fencer (on guard!), heart melter, and comforter, baby Sean.

Baby Sean, daddy's boy! Where there was daddy there was Sean. Side by side, both "men" in the recliner with their remotes and cordless phones. Sean learning to climb the highest mountain (you and I know that it was only Daddies chest, but that it ok) and Daddy there to catch, comfort and hold. Both taking great joy in scaring mommy with these new and daring feats. Teach me, show me daddy, I need to learn it all today, help me learn the wonders of the world and the wisdom of great men, oh daddy teach me it all. . . . well maybe after this nap, daddy join me. . . let's rest some more. Little eyes peeking, oh yes daddy is still there! More rest. Sean and Daddy. . . Daddy and Sean. Only Daddy could wipe away the tears the right way. Daddy had that special touch!

Baby Sean, the camp trasher! Parent's be careful of the movies your little ones watch. It only took one showing of Tarzan and Sean knew how to "trash the camp"!!! Something he did well, daily, hourly!! Very systematically done, clear all 50 books off the shelf, get all the buckets of toys and open, then empty. . . . busy, busy, busy, oh my don't forget. . clear the table (it is mommy's desk, but she won't mind. . . . quick grab that lap top computer. . wow mommy she is sure fast!) This room is trashed. . . . sweet, innocent eyes scan the room. . . work done here, must move on. . . little arm waves for anyone looking "come on! Come on! Follow me!!! And away baby Sean goes with his IV pole trailing. Giggling catch me if you can.

Baby Sean the smile bringer. . . . "Look!!! Look!!!! LOOK!!!!!!" Two little hands grabbing a facing and bringing it in line with his little face and eyes, a look of serious intent, you must see this "LOOK!!!" and points to exactly what you had been looking it, but of course now what you are seeing is different because of the new meaning being shown from Baby Sean the smile bringer!

Baby Sean, cuddlier! Rock me, cuddle me hold me tight as I sleep through the night! Baby Sean did not like his bed, and who would if daddy will hold you and rock you through the night?

Baby Sean, joy giver! Baby Sean you gave such joy, filling our hearts in a way that you will always be here! Not a day will go by that our hearts will not feel your touch, share your joys and rejoice in all your accomplishments.

Baby Sean the fencer (ON GUARD!) Grab your pen, pencil or any object needed to protect yourself. Sean is ready to fence! With pen held in mid air the words ring out "ON GUARD" and Sean always wins!!!!!

Baby Sean. . . . . Baby Sean, daddies boy, camp trasher, cuddler, pocket filler (don't ask, yuck), joy giver, smile bringer, fencer (on guard!), heart melter, comforter, baby Sean. . . . your time with us was so very short. . words cannot describe our emptiness, sadness and loneliness. I don't know that we will ever be as strong as you as brave you, but you will now forever live in our hearts. Of that there is no doubt!