Beauty in a Cesspool

At times we get so overwhelmed by the negative things around us we don't see the good. Some of the prettiest flowers I've seen grew around a cesspool.

Last night Sean woke around 5 AM and began singing the most beautiful melody I have heard in a long time. My wife and I woke and just listened for almost an hour while he sang to us. With all the trial he is going through the Lord allowed him the ability to sing that beautiful lullaby. No words just tongues (ya ya da da etc).

Yesterday shortly after Dee got back from his GI appointment he got fussy. I picked him up and sat in the rocking chair. He replied with a big sigh, curled up and went to sleep.

So my friends; rather than to dwell on our sorrows I want to encourage you to look for the blessings. Yes, even around a cesspool there are blessings. The problems come from Satan, the perfect will is from God. If we concentrate on the perfect will, the problems will take care of themselves.

May God bless each and everyone of you. I do pray for each and every one of you, no matter how big or small the need is. God cares and so do I.