The Afternoon the Eagles Soared
March 6, 1997

The day was bright and beautiful, the sun warmed your shoulder as the last cold chill of winter gave way to spring.The little group that gathered longed for a last chance to say
Good bye to one so dear. He was surrounded by his family, friends, and the toys of a child's dreams, his tiny perfect body lay sleeping that last long sleep awaiting his Saviors call to be made new. Jesus loving presence filled the room that day, comforting those Isaiah left behind, and assuring them they would never be alone.

Little Isaiah Hodapp was a precious blessing only given to this world for a moment. He left behind the pictures of his smile, the memories of joy and laughter. The moments shared will always touch hearts with gladness when his memory unfolds.

Even the eagle came to honor this little one that day. Beyond the window he danced with joy, soaring in the heavens above, rejoicing with the angels for the soul set free. Gracing us with his beauty, he gave those tied by earthly bonds a glimpse of the freedom Isaiah's spirit now soaring in his new home with his Heavenly Father. The eagle's majestic plumage although a delight to see could not match the glow of the presence of the Father's love that filled the room that warm winter afternoon.

Inside the scene was reverent and still. An alter adorned with flowers, balloons and toys surround his tiny bed in earthly beauty. As the last strains of his favorite song fell from the air, one lonely little balloon mourned the passing of one so dear. It too hung its head and departed this earthly existence.

As the line of shinny cars rolled quietly on to honor him, little Isaiah was carried to rest, cradled in his mother's arms. In that beautiful place, as the crowd said their last good byes the eagles danced high overhead, rejoicing for the glory they know of the soul set free.

Written by Sherry (of Denver Colorado), on March 6, 1997 after the services for Isaiah.

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