Anne's Letter


Dear Isaiah,

I know you are in heaven with Jesus safe and sound. I am glad you will never again have to suffer--but I will miss you very much. I know I only knew you for 8 months but during that time I learned what a special little boy you were. I'll always remember you and your ability to give so much love to everyone. Isaiah, your smiles were contagious. You made me feel so much better so many times!

Your mommy took such good care of you--she loved you so, so much. And you loved her that much right back. I know because you were like a little Koala bear clinging to her. I remember all the sweet kisses you gave to her. I'm sure you continue to send her many kisses from heaven.

I loved you Isaiah when you were living on Earth. I will never stop loving you now that you are in heaven. And never, ever, will I forget you, your love, and your courage. You are an inspiration. Isaiah , now you are free to run, play, laugh, and be at peace.

Love always,


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