A Beanie Story

by Lindsee of Colorado (age 12)

One day there was a baby, he was a baby boy. This baby boy loved beanies and his beanies loved him. This little boy would lay on the floor and let his mom, dad, and brothers and sisters pile his beanie babies all over his, this made this little boy laugh and smile. The beanie babies and this little boy played all the time they loved to play until one day the little boy died.

The beanies were wondering why their little boy had not played with them in so long. Then one day the mom got out the beanies to look at them. Oh, how happy they got, they were going to be played with again. "How do you think our little boy is?" said Humphrey. "I don't know?" Teddy Brown, "I bet he forgot about us." "No, Chilly, our boy would never forget about us," said Valentino.

No the little boy didn't forget you said the mom, but he won't be playing with you anymore but I will! Every since the mother has been collecting beanie babies in memory of Isaiah Hodapp.


If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please e-mail Isaiah's mom at dee@fishermansnet.com

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