Beanies are For Children

Isaiah's Beanie Beginnings

In March of 1994 we brought home a little boy from the hospital (Isaiah) when he was 2 months old and weighed 4 pounds (for adoption). He was born 2 months premature and tested positive for crack/cocaine. Half of his brain had been destroyed by the drug use of his mother. His medical problems listed a mile long and the doctors tried as they may could not talk us out of bringing him home. From the first moment I brought Isaiah in the door this whole family made sure that all in life revolved around Isaiah.

My husband sells computer software, so his business is here at home. Though he does attend several conventions a year. During the spring of 1994 we were attending a home schooling convention. I was fortunate enough to have sitter for the rest of our children. So, Mike (my husband), Isaiah and I attended the convention. Mike was busy selling his computer software (or wished he was it was a very slow convention), so I spent allot of time just walking around with the baby so that he could sleep. During this time I met a wonderful lady named Sue. She was the owner of one of the bookstores (The Bookies, here in Denver Colorado) and had books for sale. Several times I stopped and we talked. On the second day of the convention she stopped me and said look what I just got into my store. You will never believe it, they are so cute. She went on and on and pulled out beanie babies. I couldn't believe how cute they were and more so that Isaiah was able to hold them. At 5 months of age Isaiah was unable to do most things a 5 month old could do. In fact he was having a difficult time doing the things a newborn could do. But those beanies brought a smile to his face that melted our hearts. By the end of the convention I have bought over 20 of those little beanies. And of course being a good mother I promptly removed all of those little heart tags so that little Isaiah would not get hurt. Did I save them, no they were just toys. Over the years Isaiah's collection of beanie babies and Winnie the Pooh toys grew and grew.

I would keep the beanies in a big bag (like the ones that comforters for a bed come in with a zipper on it). Isaiah would get so excited when I would get the bag out because he liked me to pour them over the top of him and he would just lay under all those beanies and grin, laugh and giggle. I wish I had pictures of that, but Isaiah could not tolerate the flash on a camera (sometimes it would cause him to have a seizure), so not many pictures were ever taken of Isaiah. I can't tell you how many friends he made collecting his beanies. In fact Sue (even though we hadn't seen her or talked to her in almost 4 years remembered little Isaiah. So this little 5 pound bundle was a beanie collector. For his third birthday he received nothing but beanies. I had a hard time for awhile deciding if he like beanies more or Pooh Bear, but then it became clear he thought he was Pooh Bear and beanies were his favorite toys.

We lost Isaiah last year. His little body was just to sick to continue. So now those beanies are all in a curio and his brothers and sisters help me keep his collection as current as possible. In fact all I received for my last birthday was beanies. Who would of ever guessed that little Isaiah would pick a "toy" that would become such a collectors item. Though if Isaiah was here today, this little Pooh Bear would still be playing with those beanie, and it would not matter that he was playing with Humphrey or those colored teddies, because that is what beanies are all about. They are for children, to be played with and loved. Because Isaiah is not here they are now put in a curio for all to see and for me to remember all of those beautiful smiles and laughs those beanies brought to this little boy.

Beanies are for children. Beanies need love from little children, and games from the imagination. I am not saying that the collectors can not collect these wonderful little friends, just remember the little ones and their need for affordable toys.

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