Isaiah's Corner

From this page, with the help of Isaiah's friends, you will be able to read the thoughts and feelings of many of Isaiah's dear friends. Through these writings you will come to know a little boy who, though he was a bear of few and little words (he was known as Winnie the Pooh) he touched the lives and hearts of all that he met.

Isaiah, was a little person born to early into this world. His life was touched by the affects of crack/cocaine. Though this little one had many different struggles in life he had much to share and teach. Medical problems to long to list affected every aspect of his life. Make even taking a breath the hardest struggle on some days. In the pages that follow you will find lessons to be learned and gentle hugs to be shared from this little Pooh Bear of few words but many grins, hugs and smiles.


That silly old bear--Ramblings from Isaiah's mom




Beanies are for Children

 The Afternoon The Eagles Soared by Sherry of Denver Colorado

 A Visitor from Heaven

from Charlie and Sandy

of Colorado


A beanie story

by Lindsee

of Colorado


Anne's Letter to Isaiah

by Anne of Colorado


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